Cyto Kit

The SMB ®CYTO BRUSH KIT consist of Ayer Spatula and Brush

The SMB Cyto Brush Kit is used for collection of gynecological smear/Pap Smear.

A Pap smear is a screening test for the cervical cancer. its named after the Greek anatomist and physician George Nicolas Papanicolaou.

The test involves collecting cells from the cervical and vagina and preparing them for microscopic study by using special stains. A technician or pathologist reviews the slides and looks for any sign of cancerous cells.

For gynecological sample taking, for single use only.

Each Gamma sterilized pouch contains the following:

  • Wooden Ayres Spatula
  • One Gynobrush

The Ayres spatula is specially designed for obtaining Pap smears. The concave end (curving inward) fits against the cervix, while the other end is used for scraping vaginal lesions or sampling the "vaginal pool", the collection of vaginal secretions just below the cervix.

The concave end of the spatula is placed against the cervix and rotated in circular fashion so that the entire area around the cervical opening (os) is sampled.

The Gynobrush is specially designed for obtaining endocervical smear by gently inserting brush into endocervical canal.