Variant 1: SMB Single Sided Probe with Cursor


A graduated sounding instrument for measuring the depth of the uterine cavity. It is a Gamma sterilized readily usable device. The design of SMB’s Hysterometer is registered under the Design Registration No.240938.

It is an instrument made from medical grade ABS plastic, used for probing and dilating the uterus as well as measuring the length of the cervical canal.

Total Length: 255mm

Calibrated Number Scale up to: 12cm from the tip on both the side

Scale length: 12cm from the tip


  • It is for single use only.
  • It is straight, slightly conical and centimeter marked with adjustable positioned to be set on the cervix external orifice.
  • The rounded tip allows a comfortable insertion through the cervical canal.
  • The handle is a short, smooth thumb grip has grooves for improved grip. It also has graduated centimeter markings
  • Measurement scale ranges from 6 to 12cm (1cm resolution) and allows a direct reading on the Probe / Hysterometer.