SMB Cu 375

Intrauterine Device - Long acting Contraceptive for 5 years

Size and Accessories

This IUD is available in two sizes/model named Standard & Sleek.

Additional accessories like Hysterometer / Probe is provided on specific Customer request.

Size/Model Length in mm Width in mm Approx. Sound Measuring Range Purity of Copper as Cu Active Copper Surface Area
Standard 35 to 35.5 19 5-8 cm 99.99% 375mm²
Sleek 29.5 19 6-9 cm 99.99% 375mm²

The above information is indicative only. The final decision of selection of the correct model for the patient is to be made by the Gynecologist / Physician.


Each SMB Cu 375 frame is made from compound of Low Density Polyethylene and Barium Sulphate (15% - 24%) with two flexible arms with spurs.

99.99% purity OFE Copper wire (Diameter 0.40 mm ± 0.01 mm) is wound around the stem, giving a total copper surface area of 375mm² ± 20mm².

The 'Frame' is equipped with Polyamide Monofilament (Suture) for checking the presence/position and easy removal.

It is packed with an Insertion Tube in a Tyvek - Mylar film pouch or Mylar - Mylar film pouch.

The Insertion Tube is equipped with a movable flange to aid in gauging the depth to which the Insertion Tube should be inserted through the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity. Centimeter Scale printed in blue is provided on the Insertion Tube on special customer request for exact positioning of the flange on the Insertion Tube before Insertion

The flexible side arms ensure that IUD remains in position as high as possible against the fundus, without the uterine cavity being stretched.

SMB Cu 375 is 98-99% effective Intrauterine Contraceptive Device. It does not affect Female hormonal system

The SMB IUD's have under gone clinical studies in Vietnam for 60 months and confirmed to be a safe and effective contraceptive.